Stranger Danger vs. Trust the Stranger


We are told stranger danger and don’t accept candies from strangers. The lessons you learn as a child tend to stay with you and the lessons on safety even more so.

Yet while travelling, you need to trust others. You don’t ever immerse yourself if you don’t get to know and trust people and learn about them. I mean even trusting that your booked tour will show up on time and will keep you safe, is a huge leap of trust in itself.

We had one such situation where we took a leap of trust, I in particular felt very scared as I had this irrational fear that we’d be kidnapped (I’m not kidding!), but ultimately it turned out to be one of the highlights of our Colombia trip.

We were asked by our Air Bnb Host in Medellin to go with his wife and some family friends to visit his brother-in law’s luxury villa out in the lush countryside of Amaga, which is 2hrs away from the sprawling & bustling city of Medellin. We were not doing anything on that particular Sunday so my husband agreed to go on this day trip.

Therein began my worried questions:

“I know our Air Bnb Host, __________, is very nice to us. But we don’t really know him…”

“ I don’t want to go into the car & house with people that I don’t know & take our kids there too!”

“ What if we are kidnapped for ransom? And we’ll be out in the countryside of another country…”

“What if we get into a car accident? Or the luxury villa we are in gets robbed while we are there?”

Due to my fears, my husband and I agreed to let our family & friends know back home of the exact location of where we would be on that Sunday (after I had made my husband get the full address of the villa) and to call/text us every few hours to ensure that we were ok.

With that small consolation, we got into the car with our Air Bnb Host & his wife (whom we met for the first time that day), set out for the drive on a sunny morning which was promising to be a hot day with azure skies.

And what an experience it was! We drove high up into the winding mountain roads and had brunch at Kachotis with fried arepas and eggs and with roosters crowing right outside of the restaurant. My sons were fascinated by the roosters and were busy playing outside. while we ate and I practised by growing Spanish skills with our new hosts.

And the house and the whole day itself! I think that deserves a post all on its own.

All I will say is that it was quite an experience to see how the very rich live. We spent most of the day at the outdoor pool and the outdoor jacuzzi, basking in the golden sunlight and enjoying the breeze coming off of the mountainside, which nestled us from 2 sides.

We returned back to our place at 10pm that night and I learned a new lesson that travelling is also about trusting and being confident to take calculated risks, so that you can gain the rewards of new friends and unforgettable experiences.

Totally relaxed & happy at a stranger’s villa in Amaga, Colombia

Totally relaxed & happy at a stranger’s villa in Amaga, Colombia