6 Reasons Why Adventure Travelling is Good for Kids

Oh there are so many reasons, I can tell you. We are currently travelling through Colombia now with a 4 year old and an almost 1-year old.

Is it challenging with many frustrating moments? Yes!

Do your kids act out, have tantrums, don’t want to eat different foods? Yes!  

Does your kids sleeping schedule go all crazy? Yes!  

Does unexpected things happen, which you have to deal with, improvise, even? Yes! Especially when they throw up all over you in a moving car  

Do you get to enjoy meals at restaurants focusing on food & good conversation with your husband? Not really.  

But adventurous travelling, exploring a new country and interacting with people in their own language, sight-seeing, spending a lot of time walking & observing, has helped my children’s development in the following 6 ways:

1.) Both my children learned to walk early. My first one, walked right before his first birthday & my second one began walking before 11 months.

 2.) Both babbled early

3.) Very friendly and curious about people, seeks out and make eye contact with others to make new friends

4.) They are adaptable

 5.) They get an education which is unparalleled: learning new languages, eating different foods, learning to behave in public, subconsciously learn about history, sociology, architecture, science, geography...

6.) They get to see and understand privilege & that they as children are very lucky and privileged that they have the means to travel.  

What are some reasons you have travelled with your children? What do you feel your children have learned, while travelling? Please share your own listicle in the comments.  


Panoramic view of Communa 13 in Medellin, Colombia. Communa 13 is an urban revitalization success story, going from one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in South America.  


Old Town, Cartagena  


Monserrate Summit, Bogotá