Don’t travel on a Discount Airlines

For the first time ever we decided to take a discount airlines for a short getaway to Halifax. It was Flair Air btw.

It is true what they say: you get what you pay for and with discount airlines this is even more so.

Everything about our pre flight and boarding went as expected. Our plane even took off and landed on time and the flight itself went smoothly. I was relieved that we weren’t trapped on the tarmac for hours under the blazing August heat.

We get to baggage claim at Halifax’s airport pretty quickly. We have 30mins before we need to catch the bus from the airport to Halifax downtown. And if we
Missed this bus, we’d have to wait an hour to get the next one- which we didn’t want to do with 2 little kids in tow.

Many of the passengers who were in the same Flair Air flight as us, picked up their luggage from the West Jet carousel! Umm ok. So we wait there. We don’t see our old and trusty green bag.

We then move over and wait by the Flair Air carousel, which is empty still. The baggage claim area was steadily clearing out of people from our flight. Okkkk...but then the light turns on at the Flair Air carousel (other planes’ baggage’s will be coming there too) and we eagerly wait there. We keep an eye on the clock. Hmmm, we still have 15mins. Fortunately the bus stop is right outside the airport and the elevator to the exit is in front of us. No panic. Yet.

After 3-4 sad sacks roll down the Flair Air carousel, it stops. No green luggage with black smudges on it. Little one bursts into tears of hunger and impatience. Now we really panic.

And of course the clock is ticking ever closer to when the bus would leave. My husband is pacing back and forth between all the carousels with tension dogging his steps. I’m trying to remain calm for the kids and thinking of their clothes and diapers that I packed- many of the clothes which are firm favourites.

Of course we miss the bus. And also realize that our one luggage is nowhere to be found! I fill out a form with the Flair Air desk at Lost & Found with what must be a poorly trained 19yr Old, with lank and dirt hair, who really doesn’t give a f**k about looking professional let alone the job itself.

As of writing, our Halifax vacay is almost at an end; we have yet to be reunited with our luggage; Flair Air has sent just one courtesy email in response to our inquiry with no further info; and we have 3 change of clothes each.

I suppose you do realize how little you actually need when travelling when you are only running on 3 change of clothes. But, we also had to spend money on buying supplies and clothes, So we are now waiting for compensation.