Ned the Nuclear Submarine by Demetri Capetanopoulos

Do you have a submarine and all-things nautical lover in your life? If yes, this children’s book with crayon-drawn illustrations about a nuclear submarine called, Ned, might be the fix. If you like simple, crayon/pencil drawn illustrations, you will particularly enjoy the simplicity of the illustrations in Ned the Nuclear Submarine.

This book gives a very good primer to your elementary school-aged child on how a nuclear submarine works and runs and where they are capable of swimming to (hint: everywhere, including under North Pole ice, which I now know is called a ‘submerged transit’). It is all wrapped up as a charming, coming-of-age story of a newly built nuclear submarine called, Ned, and how he overcomes his fears of the unknown and dangerous oceans in his maiden voyage, to become a world class submarine.

There is even a little bit of history at the end of the book of the earliest American nuclear powered submarines, including the very first one, USS Nautilus, which set sail in 1954. I love a kids book where both children and adults alike can learn some historical facts, as it never hurts to have more knowledge.


You can also use this book as an opportunity to talk to your kids about the Cold War between USA and the Soviet Union, why nuclear submarines were built, what purpose did they serve in the Cold War and what purpose they serve today. So this book can be an entryway into a wider history lesson on the Cold War and the strategic importance of both the participants having nuclear power to use as a nuclear deterrence.

Due to the topics of military history, my recommendation is that this book is best for older elementary schoolers/middle schoolers.

Ned the Nuclear Submarine is available on Amazon.

Little Bella’s Nighttime Wonderland by Joy Fernandez

This is a beautifully written and illustrated work, no doubt about it. Although, the illustrations may give off a more “girly” vibe to the book, parents & guardians, get this for your boys as well

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