Little Bella’s Nighttime Wonderland by Joy Fernandez

This is a very sweet book to read to your children before bedtime. My son requested this one to be read to him repeatedly and I was happy to oblige. This is a simple story of a little girl who looks out her window prior to going to bed at night, and seeing all the wondrous things that she sees. Or is it in her imagination that she sees it? 

I liked the rhyme (again with the rhymes with me) which had a calming flow to it. My son and I especially loved the illustrations, with its spectrum ranging from deep blue to violet  and to purples with silver state thrown in to boot. 

This is a beautifully written and illustrated work, no doubt about it. Although, the illustrations may give off a more “girly” vibe to the book, parents & guardians, get this for your boys as well as they will also enjoy an imaginative bedtime story like this one written by Joy Fernandez. 

This book is now available on Amazon.