Five Frogs of Biscuit Bay by Tommy Piolata

Let me start off by saying that this book has beautiful illustrations, it has a dreamy, painting like quality to it. One of the night scenes here almost reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

5 Frogs of Biscuit Bay Photo.jpg

This is a story that I think we are all familiar with, as we see it play out across our TV screens, in contentious political debates, in the lives of people that we know or even in our own lives: Migration. Especially, a forced migration because your home has become too dangerous to live in, or there is an environmental catastrophe, or your place has become too small for your growing family. Therefore, necessitating the need to leave and look for a new life, where they can be safe.

Considering that there is so much negative and xenophobic rhetoric around migration, which completely ignores the basic human need for shelter and safety, this book would be a good way to introduce older elementary school-age kids on why people need to leave their homes. And the perils and dangers of migration, which people are willing to risk, in search of safety and a chance at a better life.

And this weighty concept can be discussed using this adventurous story of the 5 frogs: Lila, Dom, Mira, Vinny, Daniella.

This book is quite long (I will be honest, I found the character introduction pages to be distracting & skipped over them to reach the main story. I would rather be introduced to the characters through the story itself), so is best suited for grades 4 and up.

It is now on sale at Amazon

You can find out more about the authour, Tommy Piolata, here.