Mr.Zinger’s Hat

In honour of Canada’s 152nd birthday on July 1st,  2019, I have reviewed this book by the well-known Canadian writer, Cary Fagan, who’s also written adult literary novels. 

This book has been sitting in my child’s room for almost a year, as he would’ve  been too young to read this slightly longer book and to understand the concepts behind it.

There’s a full wonderland of concepts to explore here:  the joy of using your imagination and creating a story. Creating something out of nothing. Leaving your legacy behind with your creation. How story and the act of writing it and retelling it, has bridged human differences, the difference between young and old, between a boy and a girl. How storytelling has allowed lessons to be passed down, communication to flourish, friendships to form.

Simply put, this book celebrates the joy in creating, reading, writing and telling stories. 

My child and I both loved the “story within a story” concept in Mr.Zinger’s Hat. I thoroughly, highly, absolutely, passionately, recommend it to any reader who loves a good yarn.   It is an acclaimed book and for good reason. 

So why don’t you pick up a black hat and see what story flows out of it?